AK-47 is an indica sativa mix known for inducing cerebral and alert fellings. AK-47 has proven effective in nausea treatment, and to induce eating for those with waning appetites.  AK-47 has a woodsy scent and a sweet taste.  Indica: 65% / Sativa: 35%

Anarcho Skunk

strains-photoSoonArmageddib Skunk x Prazis OG. Grow easy in 60 days, and has an “up” day time affect.  Sativa: 50% / Indica: 50%

Banana Kush

strains-photoSoonXXXOG Kush x Banana. Fruity honeydew and banana taste. Strong CBD cerebral response, soothing chronic pain. Great for insomnia.  Indica: 60% / Sativa: 40%


strains-photoSoonAfghani x Ortega x Hash Plant. Peppery spicy taste. Extremely strong body high with strong relaxation effects.  Indica: 80% / Sativa: 20%

Blackberry Kush

Afghani x Blackberry. Blackberry Kush cannabis is serious medicine and has the distinct potential to lay you back on your couch with no chance of rising for several hours. It will take away your pain. It will relax your mind.  Indica: 80% / Sativa: 20%

Black Widow

strains-photoSoonBrazilian Sativa x South Indian hybrid. Black Widow has a pungent, sweet scent with an acrid, ammonia overlay. The smoke’s flavor improves upon the scent, tasting of sweet pine. The high is very lucid, but may sometimes make you want to lie in a hammock and doze.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Blood Wreck

strains-photoSoonTrain wreck x Trinity. Heavy high with instant pain relief, a very down high with side effects of eupohric laziness.  Indica: 60% / Sativa: 40%


strains-photoSoonPurple Thai x Afghan. The taste and aroma are very fruity, with the signature blueberry taste. This variety produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric experience of top quality, and the buzz lasts a long time. Blueberry smoke will not put you to sleep, but it may make you forget what you were going to do instead.  Indica: 80% / Sativa: 2o%

Blue Dream

strains-photoSoonBlueberry x Haze. Dense and fruity. Euphoric effects w/ strong physical pain relief. Great for stomach nausea.  Sativa: 80% / Indica: 20%


strains-photoSoonBubble Gum x Blueberry. Bubbleberry’s taste is rich and smooth with a hint of fruit. On and off the plant, the scent is skunky and pungent, making Bubbleberry less appropriate for covert public smoking or taking risks for outdoor growing with neighbors nearby. The Bubbleberry buzz is cheerful, and can be counted on to chase your funk away.  Sativa: 80% / Indica: 20%

Bubble Gum

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! Sweet smell that delivers a euphoric feeling. Great for conquering stress, anxiety and pain.

Burmese Kush

strains-photoSoonThe BK buzz is a creeper, but when it arrives, the feeling is calming and brings a centered sensation rather than a big gong to the head. Piney aroma.  Indica: 60% / Sativa: 40%

Cherry Lime

strains-photoSoonCherry Bomb x Haze x Unknown Citrus Strain. Very sweet smell and taste with citrus undertones. You can expect a creeper high with a strong cerebral sativa high. Great for daytime use.


strains-photoSoonTrainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper. Flavor of the strain has been compared to the taste of limeade. Good choice for chronic pain.  Sativa: 60% / Indica: 40%


strains-photoSoonOriginal Chocolate Thai female x Canalope. Provides a choco-smokey flavor and a dreamy high with a strong mental shift.  Sativa: 95% / Indica: 5%


strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! -Big Bud x Afghan. Light psychological effects with subtle stress and pain relief. Great for functioning pain free.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Colorado Cough

strains-photoSoonNL #5 x Haze #17. Scent and taste deliver an earthly blend with some citrus undertones. Creeper high with effects setting in later on. Great for general relaxation and mild pain relief.  Sativa: 60% / Indica: 40%

Comandante 2.0

strains-photoSoonSkunk 666 x Pineapple Grenade. High yeild and high resin plant.

Dairy Queen

Diesel x Romulan x Cindy 99. Fruity yet cheese taste and aroma. Stress and anxiety relief. Low physical effects. Sativa: 60% / Indica: 40%

Death Star

strains-photoSoonSensi Star x Sour Diesel. Pungent, sweet, skunky fragrance.

Dutch Power Plant

strains-photoSoonSouth African strain origins. Uplifting, mental high noted for its creative, happy, mellow effect.  Sativa: 80% / Indica: 20%

Flavor Flav

Hightimes Top 10 Winner! – Romulan x Space Queen. Think smoke with heavy earthy flavor. Great for insomnia and stress.  Indica: 60% / Sativa: 40%


Purple Thai x Afghan. Uplifting, energetic, motivating effects with pain relief. Great for daily activity.  Sativa: 60% / Indica: 40%

Fruity Pebbles

strains-photoSoonVery fruity smell and smooth taste with a subtle creeper effect. Spacey yet energetic high characteristic of this hybrid variety.

G-13 x Haze

strains-photoSoonFruity smell/taste. Packs a great buzz mixed between head and body; uplifting but still feel the indica affects.  Sativa: 70% / Indica: 30%

God Bud

strains-photoSoonDelivers a musky, tropical flavor with herbal edges and hints of lavender, berry and pine. The high is well balanced, a slight creeper with longlasting effects, starting with a calm, pleasant feeling and increasing to a more surreal nearly hallucinogenic buzz.  Indica: 75% / Sativa: 25%

Great White Shark

strains-photoSoonMellow smell with sweet after taste.  Calm functional high, used more commonly for headaches and minor pains.  Indica: 60% / Sativa 40%


strains-photoSoonCalifornia Indica x Kashmir Strain. Spicy, floral and fruity aroma and taste. Clear headed, relaxing high that has a powerful calming effect. Useful for treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders.

Headband Kush

strains-photoSoonOG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel. Kushy, piney, sour taste and aroma. Very stoney high with noticeable sativa and indica effects. Provides relief from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, nausea and muscle spasms.  Indica: 70% / Sativa: 30%


strains-photoSoonMotarebel x Herijuana IBL. Hashy, incense like smell with sandalwood and dark coffee taste. Well known in medical community for its relief from muscle spasms and insomnia.

Jack Flash

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! – Earthy, fruity, citrus aroma w/ lemon fruity taste. High psychological, uplifting relief. Great for depression and anxiety.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Jack the Ripper

strains-photoSoonJacks Cleaner X Space Queen. Extreme, instant pain relief. Great for stomach nausea and chemotherapy.  Sativa: 70% / Indica: 30%

Jilly Bean

strains-photoSoonOdor of sweet overripe mangos, pineapples, and oranges.Her stone warms up slowly, spreading evenly over mind and body. Mellow. Giddy, and friendly, this is a good daytime smoke and one that has been reported to alleviate chronic pain and depression.  Indica: 70% / Sativa: 30%

Kandy Kush

OG Kush x Train wreck. Strong physical effects w. strong euphoric psychological effects. Great for stress and hunger.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Lemon Skunk

Skunk #1 x Citral. Tasty, sweet, citrus aroma and taste. Energetic high is great for daytime relief from mild pain. Sativa: 60% / Indica: 40%

Light of Jah

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner.  cross of Jack Herer. A classic.


strains-photoSoonHybrid Indica. Strong physical effects, heavy smoke w/ earthy taste. Strong euphoric relaxation effect. Good for anxiety, stress, hunger and depression.

Master Kush

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! Hindu Kush x Skunk. Piney, citrusy, skunk flavor. Potent effects produce an all over body buzz. Enlivens creativity and appetite.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

OG x Bubba

strains-photoSoonOG Kush x Bubba Kush. Metallic, forest like aroma with a piney, smooth, fresh taste. Provides potent high. Minimizes negative effects of chronic pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, anorexia and inflammation.


strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! The Red x Blueberry. Elegant, fruity flavors provide a heavy, narcotic stone. Helps to relieve patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy, AIDS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Sour Kush

NYCD x OG Kush. POTENT euphoric high. Strong kush taste with a super sour taste that lingers, all day effect to relieve nerve, muscle, and  anxiety.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Space Bomb

strains-photoSoon2006 Cannabis Cup Winner! Euphoric lazy feeling, used more commonly for pain relief, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, and depression.  Sativa: 80% / Indica: 20%

Strawberry Cough

Sweet, creamy, berry taste and smell with a heavy, smoke true to its name. Imparts a heady, energetic, uplifting high that inspires outdoor activity. Aids patients suffering from depression and anxiety.  Sativa: 80% / Indica: 20%

Sweet Island Skunk

strains-photoSoonSweet and skunky smell with a sweet and piney taste provides a potent, creative, head and body high. Helps to ease symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and pain.

The Purps

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! Deep, pungent flavors of grapes, wine, hash and earth. Induces a cerebral high and is useful in combating depression, migraines, arthritis, pain relief, glaucoma and digestive issues.


strains-photoSoonWhite Widow x KBG. Strong THC content delivers a mellow, heavily indica high that will produce relaxing effects. Great for combating insomnia and anxiety.

White Berry

Complex and full body aroma. Produces an energetic and uplifting head high that makes it perfect for daytime use. Indica qualities will come through if smoked enough to produce a lazy, couch like effect.