Indica-dominant strain with a sweet and piney scent. Good for insomnia; a definite powerhouse but may not be a couch-locker.

Black Domina

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! Afghani x Ortega 6 x Hash Plant. Black Domina is a potent indica that provides powerful pain relief & maximum sleep aide. Sweet & spicy aroma with a deep hashy sweet flavor.

Blue Moonshine

strains-photoSoonHighland thai x Afghan indica. The aroma and flavor of both the growing bud and the finished product is strong and astrigent with a distinct fruity or fermented fruity taste. In its effect, Blue Moonshine is akin to the homebrew that its name brings to mind. It is a potent smoke with a strong sensation of expansion in the lungs that is likely to induce coughing. The high is long lasting and physical, commonly beginning with hilarity, followed by extreme appetite stimulation then sedation.

Danky Doodle

Viking x Big Buds x KC 636. Fruit butter pallate smell and taste. Helps to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, nasuea, anxiety and muscle spasms.  Indica: 90% / Sativa: 10%

El Nino

strains-photoSoonEarthy taste w/ an after taste of fruity haze. Dense nuggets. Heavy smoke with strong physical effects.

Grape Ape

Afghani x Skunk#1 Fruity peppery taste. Extremely potent physical relief. Great for stomach nausea, hunger, and pressure relief.

Green Crack

Tangy smell w/ sweet taste. Psychological and physical calmness effects. Great for insomnia and anxiety.