2012 #3

Herbal Remedies exclusive. L.A. Pure Kush x Chem 4 x WhiteFire. L.A Pure Kush dominant.

Total Cannabinoids: 24%
THC: 21%
CBD: .014%

2012 #2 (dry)-11

Alien Dawg

Dizzy Dawg x Alien Kush.  Used to treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

alien dog (9) alien dog (14)

Astro Dawg

Herbal Remedies exclusive. Dawg x Tahoe Alien.

Total Cannabinoids: 22%
THC: 21%
CBD: .014%

astro dawg (8) astro dawg (18) astro dawg (25)

Banana Kush

Strong CBD, heavy body high, great for sleep and treats symptoms associated with anxiety, bi-polar and depression.

Total Cannabinoids: 22%
THC: 21%
CBD: no data

banana-11banana kush (dry)-10


Cole Train

Humboldt classic. Jasmine x Trainwreck. Classic Colombian taste.

cole train-6

cole train-17

Death Star

Native of Ohio. Sensi Star x Sour Diesel. Great for daytime and nighttime usage. Our head grower’s go to.

Total Cannabinoids: 26%
THC: 25%
CBD: .026%

death star-7 death star (dry)-6 death star-20

Diablo Tahoe

Herbal Remedies exclusive. Golden Coast Tahoe male x Diablo Kush. Very floral with accents of rubber.

Total Cannabinoids: 18%
THC: 17%
CBD: .012%

diablo tahoe (dry)-4 diablo tahoe (dry)-14

Grape Ape

Strong grape taste and deep purple flavor. Great for pain and nausea. Won’t couch lock you.

Total Cannabinoids: 22%
THC: 22%
CBD: .03%

grape ape (dry)-2grape ape (dry)-6

Green Crack

Commonly a sativa, our pheno follows the 75% Indica Dominant cut of Green Crack. Effective against insomnia and anxiety.

Total Cannabinoids: 24%
THC: 21%
CBD: no data

green crack-4 green crack (dry)-2