Black Velvet

The Black x Burmese. The buds are tight, dense, colas, with good leaf to flower ratio. The Black Velvet variety has a sweet, citrus flavour, and scent. Mostly heady high with a slight body buzz.  Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

Bruce Banner

Colorado Native! -Derived from strawberry sativa, Spicy lemon, lime aroma. Euphoric effects. Relieve pressure in sinus. Great for Glaucoma.


Sister strain to Durban Poison. Considered “most potent Marijuana strains in existence” Euphoric, lifted high, with intense pain and body relief. Some Psychological effects like lessened anxiety and depression.

Durban Poison

strains-photoSoonCannabis Cup Winner! -Sweet licorice flavor w/ high uplifting effects. Super Strong Sativa! Great for depression, fatigue and nausea.

Golden Goat

Hybrid sativa. Citrus, fruity, lemon taste and aroma. Smooth smoke w/ mellow but long lasting psychological and physical effects.


strains-photoSoonJack Herer x AK-47. Jack 47 has sweet and smooth flavor with earthy undertones.  Great AM choice for chronic pain while providing a calming cerebral response.

Jah Kush

strains-photoSoonJack Herer x OG Kush. Mellow, relaxing, calm effects. Great for pressure relief w/ migraines and Glaucoma.

Lemon Haze

strains-photoSoonTastes and smells like freshly peeled lemons. Euphoric, uplifted, happy effect helps combat depression, anxiety and pain.

Maui Wowie

Cannabis Cup Winner! Uplifting, euphoric, active and attentive psychological effects. Great for anxiety, depression and hunger.