Strain Feature: Blue Dream

blue dream cannabis strain

Strain Feature: Blue Dream

MEDICAL BENEFITS: Stress relief, general pain, depression and anxiety
FLAVOR: Sweet, Blueberry, Fruity
EFFECTS: Uplifted, happy, euphoric
NEGATIVES: Dry mouth and eyes, thirst
A west coast legend originating in California, Blue Dream finds itself gaining major popularity on the west coast and in Colorado. Nicknamed the Bayer of Cannabis, Blue Dream is known for its uncanny ability to alleviate a variety of minor physical aches and pains as well as headaches and migraines. This Sativa dominant hybrid comes with a tart berry flavor as well as a fruity blueberry aroma that provides unmatched relaxation and pain relief in a matter of seconds after the inhale, AND a clear-headed and euphoric cerebral effect.

Long Description:
Many years ago in California, an unknown cannabis cultivator decided to cross a Blueberry Indica plant with a Sativa known as Haze. This combination created a marijuana strain people had never seen before, better known as Blue Dream. The offspring plants of this cross caused a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that came with the clear headedness of a Sativa high, along with the relaxing body effects of an Indica strain. While the precise origin of this strain is still shrouded in mystery, we believe it to have been originated in Northern California on the coast near Santa Cruz.

From humble beginnings, this strain earned legendary status across the country in what seemed like just a few days. It’s a fan favorite both medically and recreationally and is by far the favorite strain of people in Washington State. It offers a variety of medical benefits because it comes with several beneficial effects that consist of the best properties of Sativa strains and the best properties of Indica strains. It allows people to go through their day pain-free, so it’s a great choice for everyone. Because of this popularity, you can find Blue Dream in just about every dispensary in the country.

This strain also blends full body relaxation and a gentle cerebral effect in perfect harmony, which makes it a good first-time smoke as well as a nice choice for veteran smokers alike. You can expect a Blue Dream high to start out as a relaxing body buzz that eases you into a pleasant clear-headed euphoria that isn’t too intense.

Blue Dream also smells like a sweet blueberry, which is fitting due to its Blueberry Indica parentage. It offers very quick pain relief, but won’t cause any couch lock or an uncomfortable sedated feeling like many other Indica strains. If you’re a patient who suffers from depression, nausea, or chronic pain and you need medicine during the day without feeling sleepy, Blue Dream is great for you.

Blue Dream also offers a clear mental state along with contentedness and a feeling of general happiness since it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This cerebral effect is mostly sought out for the way it can treat depression by making you feel happy and uplifted. You will also experience a very relaxing body high that can treat nausea, headaches and migraines, muscle aches and pains, and many other physical problems that require a high dose of THC due to its Indica parentage. Keep in mind though that Blue Dream can cause a dry mouth and dry eyes, so make sure to keep fluids handy and stay hydrated.

If you’re interested in growing a Blue Dream seed or clone, you’ll find that the best way to grow it is with good old fashioned soil. When you grow these plants properly, they will smell sweet and fruity and taste the same. These plants take root really fast and sprout quickly. Blue Dream is also favored by growers because it produces massive yields. The vegetative stage will last the longest at 50-65 days and will speed up when it flowers. Like many sativas, Blue Dream will grow tall instead of out, but her branches will become heavily laden with potent purple or blue flowers. These dense popcorn nugs are covered in orange hairs. The plants can be cut down and harvested between 8 and 9 weeks.

Not all Blue Dream plants are created equally, though. It is the most counterfeit strain in the world, and because of this, it can sometimes grow like an indica plant, taste differently, and look and smell differently.

Overall, Blue Dream is a very well balanced strain if you can find proper Blue Dream. It comes with a relaxing body high and a clear, euphoric head high. It contains the best properties of both indicas and sativas, and is a very popular choice for medical marijuana patients who need pain relief and good vibes. If you have never tried Blue Dream, come on in and give one of our two crosses a try: Triangle x Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookie x Blue Dream. They are both always excellent if you want to try something new.