Why Herbal Remedies Only Sells Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana and herbal remedies

Why Herbal Remedies Only Sells Medical Marijuana

In a state where it seems like medical marijuana is on the decline to make room for recreational marijuana, lots of people ask us why we choose to stay in business as a medical-only facility. The truth is that cannabis is medicine, and while we don’t disagree with recreational use, we do believe in helping patients that truly need medical marijuana with products only medical stores can provide. Here are the three main reasons we stick to medical marijuana in an industry that is pushing for recreational to outshine the medical industry.

1. Cannabis is Medicine.

The major argument is that the medical benefits of marijuana are simply exaggerated by people who just want to use it because it’s fun. The truth is, in fact, the opposite!

Marijuana has been used as medicine for thousands of years, with the earliest records coming from ancient Chinese and Indian medical books which described the cannabis plant as an herbal medicine with many uses. Some of the uses described in these texts were for pain management and arthritis, which represents the most common conditions that doctors recommend marijuana for today.

Recent surveys have also shown that most doctors do truly believe that marijuana has a place in medicine.

On our side of things in this day and age, we have seen a variety of patients. Caregivers who are picking up CBD oils for their children with epilepsy, women going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, people with Parkinson’s and even people with Multiple Sclerosis. There have been several success stories that we’ve heard directly from patients about using medical marijuana to help them eat or help them sleep, and people who are using it to treat PTSD and to get off prescription opioids.

Thousands of years of medical use can’t be wrong. We find it fulfilling and exciting to help people who need medicine and treat it as medicine instead of a vice.

2. The Medical Community is Alive and Well

There are shops everywhere! Whether they’re medical or recreational, the industry isn’t a disaster because some of us are simply one or the other. As a medical shop, we can sell cannabis to patients under the age of 21 which allows us to help even more people who need it. Without medical only facilities, a lot of patients wouldn’t have access to the specialized edibles, tinctures, or salves made with CBD that they need for an affordable price. For us, medical marijuana should be affordable, potent, and available.

3. Medical Products Are Top of the Line

At a medical marijuana dispensary, everything is medical grade and made to be potent and effective. All medical flowers have to be completely compliant and safe for patients, so all of our stuff comes from premium medical cannabis grow facilities. We are also supplied with edibles that are a higher dosage than what you are allowed to purchase at a rec shop. Medical shops are also supplied with pure hash oils and the finest quality concentrates, all with lab tested results. Our prices are also a lot more affordable than your average Denver recreational shop because we are medical only.

There’s one more major reason: we are within 1000 feet of a school, and therefore in order to sell recreational marijuana we would need to move. However, because of the above reasons, we choose to stay put.

Overall, our goal isn’t to make money. It’s to provide our patients with the best quality of care and medicines available to them, and we feel like we are making a bigger difference the way we are. We are a team of very passionate individuals who aspire to make a difference in the lives of people who see this plant as the little miracle that it is, and to continue making the world a better, healthier place through the power of cannabis.