Choosing Medical Marijuana Over Recreational Cannabis

Colorado Medical Marijuana

Choosing Medical Marijuana Over Recreational Cannabis

The benefits of medical marijuana are many. The medical uses for marijuana are even more. The access to medical marijuana and a medical marijuana card is an easy and worthwhile process. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) are even putting their entire application process online as we speak, making it more convenient than ever.

But why would you chose to go through any additional steps to purchase medical marijuana? Insert image of cannabis in a prescription bottle spread over plate in same folder.

You can simply walk into a dispensary and purchase the same kinds of cannabis recreationally, without the hassle of a prescription. You don’t have to pay money for a card. You don’t have to consult with a doctor. You don’t have to annually renew your medical marijuana card.

There are 2 main reasons, one far more important than the other…

  • Efficacy
  • Money


Efficacy: Marijuana is first a medicine

Consider two scenarios:

One: that you have diagnosed physical malady that could be made better by the benefits of medical marijuana.

For instance, you have one of the Colorado qualifying conditions: cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, severe pain, or a condition that causes one of these.

Two: that you may be self-medicating with recreational cannabis.

Self-medication occurs when a person uses a substance for therapeutic benefits, without the supervision and/or consultation from a physician.

Many people who are self-medicating are unaware that they’re doing so. Even more importantly, self-medication, aware or not, is oftentimes tied to an underlying medical issue. In these cases, it may be harder to detect ailments like depression or insomnia. These users perceive their use as recreational, but they are in-effect, self-treating a medical issue.

Self-medication has obvious problems. For one, there could be concurrent conditions, or one malady exacerbating another, neither with appropriate medical identification. In addition, without proper differential diagnosis, rule-out’s, physical and/or psychological examination, the accuracy and specificity of the issues may go completely off the mark. One could even do damage by delaying the prevention of appropriate treatment of their medical condition.

*It can be argued that anyone using cannabis on an even semi-regular basis, should consider a consultation with a physician to help identify any potential untreated medical/psychological issues.

Problems with Tolerance

Medical users are patients suffering from debilitating conditions wishing to improve their quality of life. As cannabis is true medicine, it needs to be taken regularly and one of the considerations of the medical marijuana facts, is that tolerance can be built up quickly.

What does that mean?

It means that medical marijuana users will quickly need higher doses of their medication to achieve the same level results.

Medical marijuana users are allowed about twice the amount of cannabis in their possession over their recreational counterparts. Those with a medical marijuana card are allowed 2 ounces of flower, or its equivalent, in edibles or concentrates.

Appropriate Medical Supervision/Consultation

When you’re treating a medical condition you shouldn’t go it alone. It is by far more effective, legitimate, and helpful, to have the support of a physician monitoring your care, including your medication.

Perhaps your ailment would be better treated with a different form of medical marijuana or transport method. You may not fully understand all of the benefits of medical marijuana and an appropriate, knowledgeable doctor, can help you get as much alleviation of your condition as possible. This is what you want and need—as much healing as possible.

As above for self-medication, there can be serious ramifications when you choose, or don’t know that you even are, treating your own medical conditions. Remember, that this is about your quality of life. Support your body and heal what ails you, as much as possible. Get the care you deserve.

*See our blog on How to get Medical Marijuana and How to get a Medical Marijuana Card.


Finances are listed secondary to efficacy, because having the right medicine for your condition is most important. That doesn’t mean, however, that money isn’t a deciding factor of purchases for many people, if not most, cannabis users.

You may enjoy the relative convenience of avoiding an appointment with a care provider, and getting your medical marijuana card, but the overall cost of your medicine quickly rises to a hefty sum.

Both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis are both subject to a 2.9 percent state sales tax as well as local sales tax. This local sales tax varies widely from 3-10 percent and obviously can make it worth your while to shop around.

The difference lies beyond state and local sales tax in 2 additional fees:

  1. Recreational cannabis carries a 10 percent retail marijuana tax.
  2. Retail marijuana also includes a 15 percent excess tax that is added into the price of the product.

This huge disparity in cost is great enough to prohibit many from getting the medical coverage they need.


A short mention of age is given here to note that one must be 21 years of age or older to access recreational cannabis. Patients younger than that, can still receive their needed medical marijuana when they have their medical marijuana card.

Sadly, some young people do suffer from the one or more of the qualifying conditions. This especially vulnerable group can often more greatly benefit from the more gentle form of healing that medical marijuana offers. Medical marijuana for this population can be veritable life-saver for them as well as for the families caring for them.

Choosing medical marijuana over recreational cannabis is the right choice for many.

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