How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card

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How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card

It’s easy!

Not to mention that getting your medical cannabis with a medical marijuana card has many benefits over purchasing recreational products. See our blog on that here.

Obtaining your medical marijuana card is a simple process. If you are a legal Colorado resident with one or more qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, getting your card is simply a matter of going through the motions. Even better, starting in January 2017, you can do all of this online! You’ll be able to print your own cards, fill out forms, change your information, remain confidential, and access many other features. 

The first thing you’ll be required to have is the medical need. The current qualifying conditions are cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, and severe pain.

If you have a condition other than what’s listed above, then your particular ailment needs to cause one of the above. If you still don’t qualify, you or your doctor can petition to have your condition added to the list. However, the list has not been added to since 2001.

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

  1. Talk to your regular physician.

When you have a medical need for cannabis, you’ll most likely have been already working with a physician. They will know you and your condition best. Most states with legal laws around medical marijuana protect physicians who recommend cannabis to their patients. This allows you comfort and confidence when asking them if medical marijuana might work best for you.

The most important thing to remember, as with all medicines, is that you find the right one. You want to ease as much of your suffering as possible, with the least amount of unwanted side effects. Starting with your personal doctor is a great option for keeping continuity of care with someone you already trust.

If your doctor isn’t willing to recommend cannabis, or doesn’t have the knowledge to direct you most effectively, they can sometimes offer a referral to physician who can.

Pro tip! *Bringing relevant research on the the benefits of medical marijuana on your particular condition can often be helpful to your physician.

  1. Go to a medical marijuana clinic.

Sometimes physicians wish to specialize in medical marijuana because of the benefits they see for their patients, or for advocacy of the medicine in general. Often these specializing physicians have a better skill-set to know which strain, what transport method, and what dose to most effectively treat your malady. These clinics however, can have a long wait times to get an appointment. They can also be well worth it.

Pro tip! *You can always make an appointment with a clinic as a very first step. While you’re waiting the weeks for your consultation, you can explore your other options and cancel the appointment if you end up not needing it.

  1. Get your medical marijuana card online.

There are a few services now that offer very low cost fees, or even annual memberships, completely online. Some services have you fill out some forms and then do a phone consultation while still offering the standard patient-doctor confidentiality and following all HIPPA laws. While in-person can offer more specific advantages to a doctor knowing their patient, the benefits to not having to drive anywhere and often, paying a reduced fee, has obvious merit.

Besides your regular doctor fees, medical marijuana clinics and online services are relatively inexpensive when compared to other physician visit fees. Typical costs range from $50-$200.

Pro tip! *Make sure you have your Colorado issued state ID before your doctor visit because you won’t be able to get your medical marijuana card until then. Having one before the other can add significant wait time to access your medicine.

Fill Out Your Application

Once you have your medical marijuana recommendation you can fill out the application from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). Often, in clinics or online, you can fill out your application at the same time. The fees were reduced in 2016 and are now just $15. Also remember, starting in January 2017 you’ll be able to apply online.

Pro tip! *If you are reading this before online capabilities at the CDPHE, or you are choosing to send in the hard copy, know that you need to send it by certified mail. Once you have your receipt for sending, just bring a copy of your doctor’s recommendation along with your ID and some cash. With this proof on hand you are legally allowed to make medical marijuana purchases up to 35 days prior to receiving your card.

Get Your Card, Keep Your Card

Once you have your card, it’s more flimsy than you might expect. It is a printed piece of cardstock that you are not allowed to laminate or alter in anyway, so don’t. The CDPHE advises that you keep your card in a paper (not plastic) sleeve for protection. You can get replacement cards through the site if the printing wears off, or it’s lost/stolen. Here’s a look at a sample card:

Pro tip! * As you are required to renew your card on a yearly basis, you are allowed to send in your paperwork up to 60 days from the time of expiration. Definitely take advantage of this as wait times have been reported as long as 6 months! Although just a couple of months is most common.

Enjoy the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

That’s it. A simple process.

  • Be a Colorado resident.
  • Get a recommendation from a physician.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Purchase your medical marijuana.

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